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Are You Ready to Take Communion (eBook Download)

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How do you know if you are ready to start taking communion?


If you are a student who has a hard time understanding why Christians take communion, you are not alone. If you are a parent or youth leader who struggles to explain the significance of communion in a way that teens can understand, you are not the first. That's why this book, which can be used for group or individual study, is designed to be a guide to help students:


  • understand the history of the Passover, how it led to the practice of communion, and how it fits into the message of the gospel
  • take a closer look at what the Bible does and doesn’t say about communion
  • answer the most common questions about communion and the traditions surrounding it
  • examine what it means to take communion in an "unworthy manner"
  • decide for yourself when you are ready to take it


Including tons of Scripture references and a study guide, this book will guarantee that you won't see communion the same way again.

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