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Redeeming Cinderella (eBook Download)

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Have you, like Ella, ever wondered if your most difficult circumstances could ever be redeemed?


The story of Cinderella is possibly the best-known fairytale of all time. What makes this story goes beyond the romance or the "happily ever after." For those who look deeper, what draws them in is the powerful example of contentment, courage, and hope portrayed by its heroine, and how her difficult circumstances were redeemed into a life she couldn't have imagined. That's why through this series of 25 devotionals, you will:


  • See the Disney and fairytale versions of Cinderella through a biblical lens*
  • Discover the power of embracing kindness and courage during life's trials, as well as the consequences when we don't
  • Evaluate our perspective on dreams and romance from a biblical perspective
  • Observe how Ella managed to remain content and hopeful when faced with difficult circumstances
  • Learn how Ella's rags to riches story can mirror our own spiritual adoption and transformation in Christ


Including relevant Scriptures, discussion questions, and a study guide for a five-week group study, embarking on this devotional journey will guarantee that you will never look at Cinderella the same way again. You will even learn how God can redeem a name like "Cinder-Ella."


*This book is not authorized or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company

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