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Is there more to modesty than the clothes we wear?


Modesty. It’s a word that can tend to make women cringe. This is because for many years, people have concluded that modesty is a list of rules women have to keep about the clothes they wear. This version of modesty leaves women afraid that they will have to dress "frumpy and dumpy" to do it right. If you are tired of hearing this cringe-worthy version of modesty, you need to know that there is more to how we should dress than hemlines and dress codes. That's why it's time to throw out these false perceptions and redefine biblical modesty for a whole new generation. That's why through Beyond Your Wardrobe, you will:


  • Identify prominent lies that many women and teen girls believe about physical beauty and modesty
  • Learn different facets of what the words "modest" and "modesty" actually mean, and how they apply as much to the attitude of your heart as it does to your clothes
  • Take a deep dive into what the Scripture does and doesn't say about what we should wear
  • Discover how to find the best source for your worth and how to possess a beauty that will never fade away
  • Receive tips and answers to your questions about how to apply these principles to what's currently in your closet


​With an appendix for men, links to articles and videos, and a Bible study guide, this isn’t like any modesty book you’ve read before. Instead, it’s an invitation to discover the power and freedom that biblical modesty has to offer anyone willing to embrace it.

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