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Redeeming All Hallows' Eve

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What if there was a way for Christians to redeem the celebration of Halloween?


Halloween has been a topic of controversy among Christians for centuries. The arguments both for and against it are many, making it difficult to discern whether we should participate or completely reject it. That's why in Redeeming All Hallows' Eve, you will:


  • Take a quick look at both the origins of Halloween, as well as All Saint's Day and Reformation Day
  • Break down the famous icons of Halloween (such as zombies, vampires, witches, and more) and examine the problems with their presence through a biblical lens
  • Find tools to help you decide if you can participate in this holiday in a way that honors the Lord and protects the next generation


With links to articles and a study guide for discussion, this short book will help you look at Halloween with hope in the God who has the power to be a light in the darkness of this world.

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