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Reimagining the Nativity (eBook Download)

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Did the birth of Jesus look anything like we imagine it today?


Nativity scenes are an iconic and beloved tradition of the Christmas season. However, most Christians don't realize how much the real story of Jesus' birth doesn't match up with the story we tell in our decorations and plays every year at Christmas time. Knowing this can make it hard for us to discern biblical fact from fiction. That's why in Reimagining the Nativity, you will:


  • Explore several fictionalized elements of the nativity story that are not mentioned in the Bible and how some don't match up with the biblical narrative at all
  • Examine what the Scripture tells us happened during the events surrounding Jesus' birth
  • Look at biblical research to see what was likely to have occurred over two thousand years ago versus what is traditionally assumed


Now including a study guide for individual use or group discussion, this short biblical study will inspire you to dismiss fictional facts so you can shift your focus to the real reason we celebrate the birth of Jesus - the miracle of His incarnation. Understanding the reality of this miracle should cause us to celebrate, not just on Christmas day, but all year long.

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